About Us

Operation Began in 1972

"The Davidson's Story"

“Davidson’s Frostop” began operating in 1972 and
quickly became Tigard’s favorite drive-up rootbeer
and hamburger stand.

Business was booming, so we enlarged, remodeled
and chose a new name-Davidson’s Casual
Dining-to reflect our easy-going local roots and
expanded breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

At Davidson’s we give you a traditional and satisfying
dining experience, from our welcoming manner
to our home-style cooking. We still make our
own rootbeer, just like the day we opened. Our
milkshakes are loaded with flavor and served with
the blender cup, like the old days. At Davidson’s you
get it all in a local restaurant you can call your own:

  • attentive servers who care about your experience;
  • flavorful “from scratch” home-style cooking;
  • generous portions at affordable prices;
  • a well-kept, upbeat, relaxing place to dine.